Saturday, 30 June 2012

Time for fundamental change

In a piece with headline Price of progress hurts Kiwis Fairfax media notes…
The rampant cost of living means two-income families are increasingly worse off than single-income families were a generation ago – and it is threatening to put them under.
While median incomes and the number of women in the workforce has risen substantially, the money that families are putting into servicing the long-term commitments of a standard middle class lifestyle – comprehensive health insurance, a house in the right suburb and investment in education – has soared.

Being old enough to remember that far back they are dead right, but to call it progress?

This is not the result of progress this is obvious consequences of thirty years of decline.  The consequences of Roger Douglas’s failed reforms are now at the point where the decline becomes terminal.  The sale of our energy companies and the Crafar farms are the signs of terminal decline as is the widespread increase in poverty – we are selling the last of the family silver to eat and we are chopping up the furniture to burn to keep warm.  Meanwhile we live in the most well endowed country on the planet on a per capita basis.  Given that one has to ask why we are in such a state.  Are we lazy? I would suggest not.

We are suffering this fate for no other reason than that we have had archly stupid, short sighted and unmoral leadership across both business and politics since Roger unleashed the dark side of private enterprise upon the functions of the State.  We have since then had leaders of both business and politics acting in disregard for the law and with impunity as the norm.  Worst of all we have an economic ideology dominating our society that is destroying us.

It is time for a change at the most profound level.  We need to take back control of our society and our economy, but most of all we need to take back control of our supposedly democratically elected leadership. 

Is Labour up to it?

Selling our future for pennies

Just how stupid can you get …

Chief executive Chris Kelly said the deal would allow it to enter China, where Shanghai Pengxin had access to 10,000 hectares of land for agricultural development.
"We're going to look at exporting genetic material. Shanghai Pengxin has about 100,000 sheep in China, and is looking to advance flock progress. It recognises that New Zealand has some superior genetics, and is keen to talk to us about spreading those genes through its flock."

He said the quality of China's sheep genetics was way behind New Zealand. "It's not always easy to distinguish between a sheep and a goat in China. What they're looking to do is have access to a secure supply of quality meat, which is what we produce, and they can't.

We have done this with Kiwi Fruit we are doing this with Fonterra and our tourism industry suffers from it as well.  Our leadership basically gives away our competitive advantage. Our ability to earn a premium lives in those genes.  These are the legacy of a century of government and private investment and this clown is proud to be selling it to China for a quick buck.  They must think we are the biggest bunch of simpletons breathing God’s good air.

The next thing is that these same clever dicks will talk the Government into letting them bring genetic material back into NZ just like the Kiwifruit industry did and we will have Foot and Mouth Disease just like the Kiwifruit industry has got PSA.

Did they negotiate any good deals for the Chinese to upgrade any of our technology companies for free while they were at it? Fat chance!

Idiots like this are only guaranteeing our children a future as peasants in our own land – the little left that we will own.